Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello. Again.

So. I'm back. Am going to try my absolute best to post once a week. Above is my bedroom bookshelf and I'm currently in the process of uploading and cataloguing the books on the Delicious Library program my sister bought me. Will be posting my review of Nora Robert's latest Chasing Fire... post haste.

Lady Danbury

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring has sprung.

Picked up a few new books on Friday, and by a few I mean five. Spring and summer have to be my favorite book seasons. All my favorite authors are giving birth to new releases in the upcoming months. The April releases are out and as of Friday, I have successfully completed three of the five books I had to have the day of release.
(I read uncommonly fast. I do have friends and a life. Sometimes)
Here's my take on the aforementioned completed three:

Savor the Moment By Nora Roberts
This the third book in her Bride Quartet series about four childhood friends running their wedding planner business. It was good. Not amazing but good. Nora's books seem to be getting a bit formulaic recently and this book follows a familiar pattern. Girl pines for best friends older brother. It's been done before. However, Robert's smart, witty voice still shines through making a dull plot snappy and realistic. And the sex scene are pretty intensive... it's all hand holding and tender. No big drama's in this one. Just childhood friendship growing in to something more. A very down to earth representation of how a relationship forms and becomes something more.
I have been a loyal (seriously loyal) Nora Robert's fan since 7th grade. She was my intro into the romance genre and I have read every book she has ever published. But as I mentioned before, her newer books seem like rewrites of her old classics. Especially the trilogies.

Let's hope her next book couple books, The Search and Happily Ever After (final book in the Bride Quartet), measure up to my never ending love.

A Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior by Suzanne Enoch
Gooood Book. Like really good book. Made me all shivery and tingly. I love it when boys are all wounded and self conscious. And that's just what the hero of this book is like. Unspeakable shit goes down in the wilds of India, leaving our hero as the only surviver of an attack on his regiment. He returns home with a bum leg and buckets of guilt. Enter our heroine, the sole survivor of her own nightmare and destined to wipe away the bitterness in our heroes sole. Extremely good chemistry between the leads. Up against the wall sex and a lot of possessive posturing. Loved every bit of it, and will probably be rereading in the near future. Definite buy & keep!

Nothing But Trouble By Rachel Gibson
In my opinion Rachel Gibson hasn't written anything as magical as her second book Truly Madly Yours,. I've read that book at least 40 times and each time the love story hits me in the gut and makes me lonely for a love story of my own. Every time she releases a new novel, I give it try hoping it will inspire my emotions the way Truly did. Every time I'm let down. This book especially, was a dismal follow up to my favorite. The hero is another one of those injured tortured types, but the sports world setting, cheapens his pain. The heroines vapid interest in her larger then life bust sizes is annoying. Don't buy. So not worth it.

Now looking forward to the upcoming May releases and reading my other two purchases, One Enchanted Evening by Lynn Kurland and Wicked Becomes You by Meredith Duran. I'll keep you posted.


Lady Danbury

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Save Life Unexpected!

For those of you who watched Dawson's Creek, for all ten seasons, loved Pacey with all your heart, and shopped at J.Crew so that you could look like Joey, there's a new TV show that will fill the emptiness in your heart. Life Unexpected. It's relatively new to the CW (it started in January) and has a shaky future. So watch it!! I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

The Reckoning - By Kelley Armstrong

The Reckoning. Third book in a trilogy written by Kelley Armstrong. Preceded by The Awakening and The Summoning. Just released today. Bought by me, 10 minutes after Chapter's opened.
I am obsessed with theses books. Obsessed. I picked up the first book in the series last summer, and read it in a day. Luckily for me, being late to the party worked in my favor and the second book was already out. Read that in a day. Then I had to wait. And wait. And wait.
When I found out it was being released in April, I haunted the Chapter's website, waiting for this book to come in. Now it's mine. I'm trying to go as slowly as possible, because it's the last book and the thought of this series ending makes me want to cry.
Ok so why am I so obsessed?? For the following reasons:

Amazing Plot - Summoning the dead, werewolves, and witches done with class and believability.

Outstanding Characters - I love them all. Am emotionally connected to the lot of them.

Sweet, sweet Romance - Derek & Chloe. Oh, they make my heart feel good. A touch of angst, mixed with teenage confusion. LOVE IT.

Read these books. Please.


Lady Danbury

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lad Lit?

Books, written by men, for a predominantly female audience? Yes of course.
Ms. Taken Identity by Dan Begley is a great book that takes a look at men writing for the chick lit industry. It's a book about a book, and I read it cover to cover in just two days. I loved it. Reading from the male point of view is always an interesting experience. One I thoroughly enjoy. The writing feels sharper. Less fluffy. It's aggressive active voice. No passive voice here. The romance was heart warming, the sex PG and the character development amazing. Please read!

And this is not the only one of its kind. While more popular in the UK, there are a few North American authors in this genre. For example:

Try any of these authors, and I promise you will not be disappointed. Happy reading


Lady Danbury

Friday, January 15, 2010

she is too fond of books and it has turned her brain. - louisa may alcott

Why? Why create a blog? Why make it about books?

Because reading is my life. Seriously. It is actually quite sad. I have over 2000 books in my room. 2000. I can honestly say I have read every single one. Some more than once. And the other day I was in Chapters (Canada's version of Borders for the Americans), and this older lady was trying(being the operative word) to get some help in the romance section. The ignorant (aka male) employee had NO CLUE. As this was driving me mental, I couldn't help but interfere. What authors should she try if she likes Lisa Kleypas? Why Loretta Chase of course! Julia Quinn! Eloisa James! And has she tried the romanticy goodness that is Nora Roberts?! Needless to say she walked out of the store with 15 novels. For her, it was a hundred plus dollar bill that she would have to explain to her husband. For me, it was a call to arms! I must impart my literary knowledge! For the greater good of romance novel readers everywhere!
And at that, I realized there are two ways to do this; get a job at Chapters, or begin a career in publishing or editing. Unfortunately both options are quite out of reach, due to my obligations to our family run company, so as a last resort Lady Danbury was born. The least time consuming option (or so I thought, before spending a couple hours designing this page).

So now I can bore only those who seek my advice/overbearing opinions on books (primarily those that are romantic in nature). I hope you enjoy. Happy reading.


Lady Danbury